The objective of the design team is to create, develop and introduce new products to our organization for customers. They serve as the front line for having specifications submitted to the factories as well as working with a timeline to assure an approved sample is made before going into full production. Design also excels at troubleshooting specifications and/or design needs for improvements. This team works on costing materials, finished goods pricing and production start dates.

Industrial Design+Engineering

The design team works directly with our clients to drive innovative ideas and product solutions that fit their business criteria. The process is heavily based on practical design thinking and the human experience and engagement with customers' tech products, practical design, and industry trends. The design team is directly involved in the product development ensuring that design integrity is maintained for every product designed.

The Fabrique design team is comprised of individuals specializing in soft goods, hard goods, packaging, CMF, Mechanical Engineers, and Electrical Engineers.


Project managers are responsible for specific customer product lines. Their role encompasses many facets of Fabrique’s business. A primary function of project management is to serve as a liaison with factories, design, and customers. The process begins with new product implementation requirements, and is completed once the delivery is made to the customer. The management team relies on their experienced staff for continuing support.

The project team's work with the partnered factories directly to coordinate and manage purchase orders, finalize factory costs, monitor production forecasts, quality control, coordinate factory production, ship dates and global logistics.  

Our global development partners are the best in the industry, chosen for their superior production of soft-goods, hard-goods, and electronics. Our team is dedicated in their expertise and continuously push the envelope to emerge new materials, manufacturing methods, and quality SOPs.

Soft-Goods manufacturing encompasses fabric craftsmanship of cut and sew products, laminated materials, bemis welding, waterproofing, compression fabric molding, and precision laser fabric cutting. Product examples made in these manufacturing methods include backpacks, briefcases, messenger cases, protective technology sleeves, and custom molded cases for the medical, sports, education, and government industries.

We develop fabrics directly at our dedicated textile mills, and manufacture thousands of specialty materials suitable for clients unique products and quality requirements. Fabrics include unique properties such as; water tight surfaces, antibacterial surfaces, UL fabrics for electronics and more.

Hard-Goods manufacturing include plastic injection; PC, ABS, TPU, TPE, etc. We develop tooling and manufacture protective cases for smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.

Made in...

We are a global manufacturer; we produce our cases in the USA, China, South America and India. We strategically work with our client’s regional demands to manufacture and deliver products of quality on time, every time in region as needed.

Fabrique invisibly supports customer needs for partners and clients. Forecasting is a critical piece of the Fabrique logistics. Project Managers work in conjunction with the logistics team to assure raw materials are in place to meet customers requirements and match global demand. This team works with overseas freight transportation companies to meet shipping deadlines. The goal is just-in-time (JIT) delivery to customers based on purchase orders and vendor managed inventory, throughout the world.

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